Minibus de passager MERCEDES-BENZ 516 Idilis 19+1+1 , READY FOR DELIVERY ,Prolonged with 50cm neuf

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68.187 €
Prix TTC
57.300 €
Prix HT
≈ 65.104 $US
Type minibus de passager
Année 2018
Kilométrage 10 km
Nombre de places 19+1+1
Localisation Roumanie BUCURESTI
Mise en ligne le jan 18, 2019
Autoline ID AV16682
Réservoir AdBlue 25 l
Type de rang
Puissance 160 ch (118 kW)
Carburant diesel
Volume 2200 cm³
Nombre de cylindres 4
Euro Euro 6
Boîtes de vitesses
Type boîte manuelle
Roues jumelées
Sortie de secours
Sièges réglables
Installation sanitaire
Sièges avec ceintures de sécurité
Éclairage individuelle
Ventilation iindividuelle
Direction assistée hydraulique
Ordinateur de bord
Vitres électriques
Férmeture centralisée
Équipement supplémentaire
Réservoir AdBlue 25 l
État neuf
Couleur blanc
Information supplémentaire: roumain
Optiuni de baza:
-Trapa iesire de siguranta din sticla dimensiuni 60cm/75cm
-Izolare termica si fonica a habitaclului
-Echipare cu 19+1 scaune, cu cotiere rabatabile .Intrare pe usa din fata.
-Podea realizata din Tego
-Prelungire cu 50cm cu structura de inox si acoperita cu caroserie din fibra de sticla
-cala adancita
-Amenajare podea pentru montaj scaune si acoperire podea cu material antiderapant rezistent
la uzura in ton cu capitonajul interior
-Confectionat structura de rezistenta (stalpi) in interiorul habitatului
-Capitonaj interior cu piele ecologica (mocheta)
-Montat instalatie de iluminare independenta de instalatia masinii in compartimentul pasageri
- perdele la fiecare geam in compartimentul pasageri
- bare de sprijin la urcare
- Incalzitor aer Eberspacher 2Kw
-Tubulatura de aer conditionat cu lampi individuale, boxe pentru
fiecare rand de scaune si suport de bagaje usoare
-Ciocane, inscriptionari si ideograme conform regulamentelor RAR in vigoare

Optionale prezente pe masina:
-Aer conditionat YLKAR putere 12kw
-Geamuri NIRA mari
-Usa frontala actionata electric
-Cala bagaje adancita din fibra de sticla
-Parbriz skyliner+folie protectie neagra
-DWD sitem cu LCD 17/19"
-capace roti cromate
-Bara frontala din fibra de sticla
-oglinzi cromate
-bandouri laterale
-scaune vip
-carkit audio(navigatie, camera spate)
-bord cu mahon

- Thermal and acoustic insulation of the cabin with mineral wool with a thickness of 10 cm.
-Equipment with 19 seats + 1 guiden seat. Travellers entrance is through the front door.-.
-Mahogany decoration to the dashboard and abowe windows
-14 mm Tego layered floor, full covered with anti-slip, waterproof and wear-resistant material
matching the interior trim.
-Seat-mounting metal rails of 4 mm thickness.
-Raised bridge on both sides for all seats with aluminum profile LED
-Leather upholstery and interior automotive fabrics
-Mounted installation lighting installation independent of the car in the passenger
compartment with two ceiling lamps with LED lights
-Curtains on each window mounted in the passenger compartment
-Safety glass exit hatch mounted.
-prolonged with 50cm with stainless structure and body of fibre
-Stainless steel climbing handrails mounted.
-Webasto heater mounted in stationary brand AT 2000 power 2kW.
-Air conditioning ducts fitted with individual lights and speakers for each row of seats and
luggage rack light. Air duct is prolonged and also for the driver.
-Passenger compartment lighting with LED longitudinal profiles on air conditioning duct
-Free distribution grids for air conditioning in the upper cooling ducts to enable minibus
climatisation when individual passengers grids are closed.
-Hoses to the air conditioning and heating system are isolated and fixed with plastic and metal
-Welding and screws are soundproofed, and the holes resulting from the passage of heat and
air conditioning hoses, and electrical installations, are sealed with mastic.
-Luggage compartiment separate by passengers lounge.

Option instaled:
-Right front glass door, electrically driven
-Baggage hold back part enhanced by deepening and cutting back
-Large panoramic NIRA windows set
-Upper window windshield Skyliner +black protection foil
-seat vip
-DVD system with LCD 17 ''/ 19 ''
-carkit audio(navigation,back camera)
-Stainless steel wheel covers set (4 pieces)
-Front bumper/spoiler
-Chrome mirrors
-nonmetal paint
-Air-conditioner 12 kw Ylkar
-bord with mahony
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